Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Buy n Large

In Colorado, everything is large. The land is large, the sky is large, the roads are large, and, of course, the supermarkets have to be SUPER everything. I went to Super Target and Wal-mart Supercenter last month when I visited Denver with my family. Every Target we drove by were a "Super." These megastores reminded me of Buy n Large from Pixar's Wall-E. Excessiveness and over-consumption are now the norm. Buy everything in large quantities for bigger savings! Have everything you need in one location! Sounds good psychologically and on paper but much waste goes into such spending. And in the end, it's probably the corporations that gets the benefits.

There were nearly 30 check-out aisles.

The canned aisle was completely filled with food.

And they even sell produce.

Don't get me wrong though because Target is my favorite store! Wal-Mart--not so much.

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