Friday, September 18, 2009

15 Sept, 2009 - 8 hours

After visiting the National Portrait Gallery with my class, I took a little trip by myself to Goodge Street. I was craving a burrito. You can't find Mexican food here like in California, so I was very excited to go. The place was quite convenient to get to from where I was at and a very easy walk from the tube station. The restaurant is called Benito's Hat.

The food was pretty good and fresh. It's just as good as Chipotle. The atmosphere of the place itself was clean, nice, and bit cool. Many of the people eating there were Americans. In my burrito, I asked for the spicy sauce. I wasn't expecting it to be spicy at all because non-Asian restaurants always tend to be less spicy than they claim to be. Even the spicy sauce at Chipotle doesn't do much for me. But I was very glad that this sauce at Benito's Hat packs a punch.

In my burrito, I asked for guacamole (50 p), and I ordered a horchata which is pretty authentic (£1.50). Everything together cost £7--it's a bit expensive but the burrito by itself is £5 which is not too bad.

Afterward, I walked on Regent Street and to Oxford Circus. My discovery of the day was this beautiful building:

This is actually the Liberty department store, a pretty high end store. It's a Tudor revival building constructed with the timber from two decommissioned naval ships. What is also amazing about it is that it's built in between all these taller Regency architecture. They are quite contrasting.

Along the way, I also saw these birds that were taking shelter under a roof. It was raining all day long, pretty much non-stop. Once again, my boat shoes are completely soaked. The leather stained my feet and toes so they are now brown.

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Sandy said...

I miss Mexican food even more after reading this!

And can I just say major props to you for somehow being able to post everyday? I have a hard time blogging every two WEEKS :)