Sunday, August 16, 2009

Don't Move

Don't Move
features an amazing performance from Penelope Cruz.

Cruz plays an Italian woman named Italia who lives on the fringe of society and is ugly, lowly in class, and pretty much unemployed. Cruz, who is such a beautiful woman in real life, is completely uglified with dirty hair, skin, and gapped teeth. Furthermore, the language she uses are vulgar. Cruz's transformation is surprising and wonderful to see as films so often glamourize their leading ladies.

Besides Cruz's (let me stress again) brilliant performance, the film did not do much for me. The story is only somewhat interesting; too bad it gets dragged behind by its slow pace and choppy flashbacks. I do find how Don't Move, like The Holy Girl, portrays doctors as adulterers despite the profession being regarded as highly respectable and admired. One other point is the significance of the name Italia. The obvious thing is that she is played by a Spanish actress who had to learn Italian for the film. Then, the most obvious thing is that she is not a beautiful woman. Perhaps, this is saying something about Italy...

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