Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter Madness!

All this snow came down in Ithaca pretty much overnight! I was really hoping for a snow day but it would never happen with like 6 inches of snow. It would take like 4 feet of snow for that to happen. While the snow makes walking, traveling inconvenient, it makes your clothes wet, I still love the snow. It's cold and dirty, but it's also magical and different from just having the sun all day.

In the middle ground is one of the two infamous gorges on Cornell campus. Sorry, you can't really see it from this picture.

Eddy Gate, the original gate going into Cornell campus.

This is the parking lot behind my house. I made it back without slipping. I was so deadly afraid of walking down the hill to my house. I took tiny baby steps to ensure that it would not happen. I slipped last Friday, and I was really scared of slipping again. Slipping on the hill is my worst fear of living at the house that I live at.

Pretty crazy eh?

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sheryl said...

so prettttttyy.