Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crazy, Messy Wednesday

In the morning, I had a presentation where I proposed a change to a policy. It went surprisingly well, but I was really tired from not getting enough sleep. Wednesday, however, is the day I look forward to the most during the week in addition to Tuesday. On Tuesdays, I have my Contemporary Chinese Art course in the morning. Wednesday afternoon, I have Introduction to Wines. So here I am in class.
We had French wines today. The red one was pretty bad. I got major, unbearable munchies after class so I got some food. After that, I went back to my room. And this is what I came back to--a crazy, out of control mess.
So I cleaned it up. One of the things that I love to do is the use the lint roller to clean my carpet. Since I don't have a good working vacuum cleaner, a lint roller is a pretty good alternative. It's kind of fun (and gross) to see what you can pick up with it.
It'll probably get really messy again in two days.

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