Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Eden Project II

Over a month passed since my first post on my vegetable garden. Here are some new photos!

The peas have gotten really tall. The trellis I set up isn't quite enough, so I found them all bend over one morning. The peas have been blocking the sun from reaching the sweet potatoes on the left. Those little guys aren't doing as well these days.
They're quite pretty, aren't they?
The first pea!
I'm going to harvest the lettuce when I get the chance.
The beets are peeking through the soil.
I watched a Youtube video on Fibonacci numbers and how they apply to nature the other day. I can't help but think of how they're applied to these carrot leaves. On a different note, I think they are almost ready for harvest!
Tomato blossoms
Tomatoes--I'm quite surprised that they are growing! Oh California weather.
Some lemons are ripe. The lemon blossoms smell really good.

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amy said...

what is the last plant with an ant on it? you've captured some great images from the backyard...and yeah, i didn't know they'd have blossom in the winter... my fruit trees have NO leaves whatsoever... and the lawn has been yellow...