Monday, July 19, 2010


The got the dvd of Volver from Blockbuster's sale back in Ithaca almost 2 years ago and I finally watched it last week. Volver's screenplays is phenomenal. I thoroughly loved it from start to finish. The story flows so well and it kept me interested the entire way. There are stories within stories and many many characters, each with their own histories; but the film never fell into disarray. The stories and histories build on top of each other to create a fruitful film.

As always, Penelope Cruz is amazing. I absolutely loved the scene where she sings/lip sync and the way she deals with the situations thrown at her. Along the way, we learn the reason why she is the way she is and the struggles she has been through. But Penelope Cruz is only one of many female characters. The others too have their stories to tell and it's so wonderful that Pedro Almodovar includes everyone into the film. There are the "dead" mother, the unaccomplished sister, the daughter who is becoming an adult, the neighbor who is struggling with cancer, and the friendly prostitute.

Lastly, in addition to the screenplay and actresses, the cinematography and artistic direction are eye catching. The colors explode onto the screen making a film about death and struggle ultimately beautiful and cheery. Volver is such a great film that gets everything right.

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John Bernal said...

SUCH a great film. I love Penelope Cruz's acting chops.