Friday, June 11, 2010

Sony's Nex Camera

I've always loved Sony. Their designs, whether it's in their cameras, televisions, or laptops, have always been, in my eyes, the best. They are sleek, luxurious, and futuristic. And functionally, the specs suggest their technologies are cutting edge. The results are products that are beautiful, functional, and, of course, expensive.

Recently, I do not really know what they have been doing though. PS3 lost to Wii. Their amazing small P series laptop, which was supposed to redefine laptops, seemed like a dud and caused some public relation confusion. I no longer know anyone who owns a VAIO desktiop. And their MP3 and digital books are irrelevant. BUT I do love the following video from NY Times. It gives me hope that one day Sony will reach the height of its glory once again. (Think Walkman.)

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