Saturday, January 30, 2010

Love-Hate Relationship with my Lomo

I love my Lomo camera for its dramatic colors, lighting, and its old feel. The photos that come out seem to have been taken during another era or developed ages ago.

I hate my Lomo camera for its cost and surprises. It costs around $3 for each roll of film and another $4 to develop the film onto a CD. A couple times the films came out blank probably because I did not set up the film correctly. While in Europe, I had the wrong ISO setting on for a couple of my ISO 100 films. Sometime during my use, the ISO setting was turned to ISO 800 for my ISO 100 films. As a result, too little light went into the camera. A lot of times I would forget to set up the manual focus resulting in many wasted frames.

But sometimes the Lomo produces phenomenal photos that are incomparable to unedited digital photos or even heavily edited digital photos. There is just something pure and real about film photography.

London Eye, London

Louvre, Paris

Helsinki Central Railway Station, Helsinki

Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen

Bascilia of St. Mary of Health, Venice

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Alison Morris said...

I am completely obsessed with these photos. Can we go back to Europe now?