Sunday, November 1, 2009

Santa Maria della Salute

The sky and atmosphere make Venice the most romantic of any city that I have been to. I cannot emphasize enough the beauty of the sky. The sky has a special glow to it which is probably due to the haze.

Along with the sky, one of the most beautiful spot in Venice is, in my opinion, Santa Maria della Salute. It's said to be the most photographed church in Italy. Although my friends and I were unable to go in to it, because we were not there at the right time, the exterior alone was enough to amaze me. The exterior is heavily discolored by pollution, but I thought it adds so much more character and drama to the building and its sculptures.

I took a few photos of the church from various points of view and time (The last photo is a view taken . I hope these photos can translate my feelings about Venice and the church into something you can understand and inspire you as well.

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Amy said...

i love the photos... they turn out amazing!